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Community Awards 2010

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Are you working on your community awards for 2010?

It’s an easy event that can be added to your community’s history, increase levels of participation, start traditions, develop the community’s culture, show recognition and establish status.

Awards are perfect. 8 years ago I helped organize the community awards for 2002. You can find the results here. It certainly encouraged a lot of discussions, and people love to nominate and vote.

Possible categories:

  • Personality of the year. At UKT this was our highest honour. This was the community rating other members not by their skill (as is accustomed in gaming personalities), but by their personality.
  • Member of the year. To whomever made the highest levels of contribution to the community.
  • Funniest member. Who is the funniest? Let your members decide.
  • Newcomer of the year. Which newcomer to your community has made the biggest impact this year? It’s time to recognise that.
  • Author of the year. Who has published the best guest/opinion post?
  • Samaritan of the year . Who has been exceedingly generous in your community this year?
  • Best comment. Has there been any one, single, comment which is clearly the best of the year. Maybe it’s very funny, very useful or just powerfully delivered.
  • Special recognition. Give special recognition to the members whom made unique contributions to the community.

You can choose whichever awards you like, it’s an activity to build excitement in the community. If you have a small budget, then award £20 in Amazon vouchers for each award winner or free samples of your product.

Maybe local communities would benefit from doing this too?

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