Communities Aren’t Built By Loners

September 30, 2008Comments Off on Communities Aren’t Built By Loners

Don’t try to build a community all by yourself.

It’s more work than any sane community builder should try to take on. Are you really going to produce every scrap of content yourself? Recruit and welcome every new member? Resolve every dispute?

Don’t try, it’s crazy.

Instead you need to find people who will enjoy doing this work. This means it’s your job to make this work enjoyable, and seek out the people who will enjoy it.

This isn’t the same enjoyment as watching a film. It’s something else. It’s the same joy of volunteering for charity, or contributing your ideas for free and just helping out someone else. This is the same joy that comes from deep human needs and desires, like being wanted, having power and feeling appreciated.

To reduce your work load, make your work enjoyable to others. Just don’t try any trickery, no-one’s going to paint your fences for you.

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