Collaboration Is Never Really About Collaboration

We’re revamping our consultancy page copy, I ask for the opinions of my consultancy team. I want their support and buy-in to the new page.

We’re hiring a new recruit, we each schedule an interview with him or her. I want the feedback of the entire team. Have I found someone good?

In the morning we each try to check in on Slack. We like to give encouragement, demonstrate progress, and probably prove we’re each working hard.

Every 2 weeks we have a Skype team call, we want to coordinate our efforts so we don’t miss anything important.

We post questions on Slack and in our community. We need to find a missing piece of information.

We’re thinking about a sales process problem, we discuss it on our team call where we can share new ideas.

We collaborate for many different reasons, getting buy-in, feedback, encouragement, coordinating, finding missing information, gathering new ideas, are just 6.

If you want people to collaborate more, it helps to be very clear what kind of motivation underpins that collaboration.

(It also turns out the tools that excel in one category fail miserably in another).


  1. Sarah Hawk says:

    I’d add one to that list. My main reason for checking in on Slack each day is for connectedness.
    In a remote team across different timezones, that’s a pretty important one.

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