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FeverBee’s Advanced Community Skills Workshop @ CMX Summit (September 4-6)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

When you first begin building and managing communities, you rightly spend the majority of your time engaging members and responding to what happens. This is what helps get your community off the ground and helps you learn core community skills.

But if you’re still spending most of your time doing this kind of work a few years’ later, you’re probably not delivering on your full potential.


Design Processes and Interventions To Take Your Community To The Next Level

As your community grows through the community lifecycle (and your career develops) your work should shift from daily one-to-one interactions with members to designing systems that help your community achieve its big wins – the things it was set up to do in the first place.

At the moment, too few of us are doing that (and fewer still are doing it as well as we could).

This September, I’ll be hosting an Advanced Skills Community workshop at CMX Summit to help those of whom have mastered the basics, design the systems that will take their community to the next level.


The Advanced Community Skills Workshop

We’re going to focus on some of the biggest wins and how you can achieve them.

This includes:

  • Understanding research techniques to know what your members truly want from a community.
  • Developing successful user journeys for each of your community’s personas.
  • Optimizing your community technology to achieve increasingly better results.
  • Establishing standards for how you and your team engage your community members.
  • Designing community decision trees.
  • Setting benchmarks for your community and building a roadmap from your benchmarks.
  • …and plenty more.

This workshop is targeted entirely on the areas where you have the biggest and most immediate impact upon the level of participation and success of your community.

If you don’t have validated personas, clear user journeys, engagement standards or find yourself using default platform options, this workshop will help you.


Learn Advanced Community Skills

If you’re a beginner, this isn’t a good workshop for you yet.

However, if you’ve already got an active community and want to take it to the next level, this workshop might be ideal.

I strongly believe every community needs a highly trained community professional at the helm. A community needs someone with the expertise and toolkit to take their community to where it needs to go. This September we’re going to give you the skills to do just that.

You can sign up here:

(p.s. You get a discount if you use this link)

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