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Social Tools, Social Business, And Cleaning Out The Garage

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Which of these do you think will have the biggest impact upon collaboration:

1) Letting employees use social tools (slack, instant messaging, blogging) to communicate with one another instead of email?

2) Ensuring employees know where to find every document on a shared drive and keeping them updated?

Once outside of the social business bubble, it’s not even close. The biggest frustration isn’t that employees have to use email to speak with one another. The biggest frustration is losing time and opportunities searching for documents they can’t find.

The temptation will always be to gravitate towards adding a new exciting tool to the mix so people can communicate better. But going from email to slack isn’t going to have anywhere near as big an impact as figuring out the best way to tag, share, and store the documents you already have.

Of course, saying you’re going to go through your documents, figure out the best file structure, and train employees to save documents properly is about as exciting as cleaning out the garage. New shiny tools and becoming a social business is far more fun.

Email certainly isn’t the best tool to use for anything, but it’s probably not broken. Your shared drive however is probably a jungle of redundant information people have to wade through to find what they need. I’d fix that first.

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