Brain-Eating Amoeba In The Water Supply

July 30, 2015Comments Off on Brain-Eating Amoeba In The Water Supply

My wife and I spent last week in New Orleans.

At one restaurant the waiter (too) calmly informed us there were brain-eating amoeba in the water supply and we would have to order bottled water.

This wasn’t far from the truth.

There was infectious Amoeba in the water supply which was was dangerous if it went up your nose into the brain.

I’m stuck by the power of the imagery in making the message spread. If you want a message to spread among your group, you have turn it into an image.

Clearly ‘brain eating amoeba‘ is more powerful than amoeba or infectious cells. Every single person we spoke to in New Orleans used the exact term ‘brain eating amoeba‘ and referenced the warning. We can visualise a cartoonish bacteria image eating our grey brain matter.

Any time we want a message to be remembered and spread among the group, we should turn it into a highly visual image.

The more visual and shocking the image is, the more it spreads. We think in images. So wrap your messages in a visual envelope and watch it spread.

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