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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The terrifyingly active Dawn Foster has published an eBook: Companies and Communities: Participate without being sleazy. It’s well worth the $19.95 for her encyclopaedic knowledge of creating online communities. You can download a free 18-page excerpt first.

Angela Connor will soon be releasing her book about growing successful online communities.  Angela grew GOLO from 0 members to 11,000 in 18 months. Her book digs deep into the nature of engagement and will be worth every penny. You can pre-order from $19.95 or download her popular ebook: 18 ways to engage users online.

Patrick O’Keefe has a great book on Managing Online Forums. It’s easily the most detailed book on launching, growing and managing online forums.

Martin Reed has released a set of community questions every community builder should read. It’s in a more familiar looking eBook format.

Matt Rhodes is going industry-by-industry finding the best examples of online communities. See: Retail Industry, non-profit sector, travel industry, financial services industry and the automotive industry.

Finally, Bas de Baar has written one of the most incredible guides to online community I’ve ever read, but it’s about project management. I urge you to download Project Shrink. It will make you a better community manager.

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