Can We Do It Better? Would Better Matter?

February 27, 2017 Comments Off on Can We Do It Better? Would Better Matter?

Some time ago we took a decision not to allow job ads in our community.

Our rubric here is simple.

1) Can we do this better than anyone else? (i.e. will we do anything differently to others doing job adverts? For example, we can design a system that matches job-seekers with those open to jobs. We can identify or filter out the top people (or top jobs) and only allow those etc..)

2) Is this the best way to help our audience? (i.e. is this the best use of our limited time and resources? For example, is this the biggest bang for our limited time and resources to help our audience achieve their goals?)

The answer to the first question is probably yes, the second is almost certainly no.

There aren’t enough good jobs and job seekers to make it worthwhile. Instead of allowing a few dozen job adverts to be posted each month (which take up space and are only of interest to a tiny percentage of members), it’s easier not to allow them and send people to places that do.

Try a similar process. Can you do it better than anyone else? Is it worth doing it better than anyone else?

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