Being Nice For The Long Term

December 16, 2011Comments Off on Being Nice For The Long Term

Last month, we had to tell our perfect candidate for a community management job that we couldn't hire him. 

On paper he was perfect. Good experience, highly personable, perfect skills for the job. 

But he had a reputation amongst the target audience. Five years ago, as a member of a similarly-themed community, he had been rude, offensive, and betrayed the trust of many individuals. He wasn't employable as a community manager. 

A decade later, I still remember the names of people from video gaming communities who who offensive, lied or betrayed my trust. I wouldn't work with any of them, nor participate in a community managed by them.

Whilst you may not be in the same job your entire career, you may be in the same sector. Everything you do will impact your ability to manage communities in the future. 

On a positive note. I also remember the names of people from over a decade ago, like Phil Wride, who were a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate to support. 

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