Basic Or Advanced?

March 16, 2009Comments Off on Basic Or Advanced?

We’re mistaking the advanced work for the basic and the basic work for the advanced. Lets rectify.

The things we often consider advanced, is usually the most basic work. Monitoring the conversation is basic. Analytics is basic. Design is basic. Databases, web structure and content is all basic.

Outreach is also basic. Growing your community is basic. Bonding your community is basic. Much of what you read here is basic. Moderating debates and recruiting helpers is basic too.

The advanced work is in satisfying intangible feelings. How does your community make a member happier? Why will members pool money to stop another from being evicted? How does joining and participating in your community improve the self-worth of the member? What emotional benefits does your community generate in its members?

The closer your community gets to the emotions of a member, the more advanced your work is. Or to put it simpler: The most advanced work of online community management is satisfying the most basic feelings.

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