Who Really Deserves Appreciation?

Human moderators are the web’s worst kept secret. The web would be a cesspit without them.

Machine algorithms help, but it’s a person who takes the flagged content and decides if you should see it.

Moderators endure the worst of society to give us a shot at building communities.

Moderators can’t unsee the images we’ll never see. They make a thousand correct decisions every day and lose their job for one mistake. They have the lowest pay, worst working conditions, and worst career prospects of anyone in the space.

Moderators must read, categorize, merge, and resolve thousands of repetitive questions. It’s a tough way to earn a living.

If you feel compelled to show appreciation today, show it to moderators.

Better yet, take action. In any moderation contract you create add policies to ensure good working conditions, access to psychiatric care, a living wage, and reasonable job security of all moderators.

Believe me, it’s hard to build a sense of community when every 3rd post is a penis. Moderators don’t get enough respect or support. Let’s change that and make this day meaningful.


  1. Frank Field says:

    Guess I should’ve read this before responding to the question elsewhere about who’s celebrating!

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