Answering Those Questions

You have questions you would love the answer to.

How many members do we need to reach critical mass?

What activities do they need to perform to become regulars?

Do personal welcomes work as well as automated messages?

Which activities drive the behavior we need? etc…

The data to answer all of these questions is on your server right now. You just don’t know how to identify it, collect it, analyze it and present it.

But imagine if you did? How much more precise and tailored would your work become if you could answer these questions?

Statistics is like any topic, very difficult at first but makes sense once you stick with it.

If you’re looking to add an entirely new skill set this year, I suggest taking a statistics course. If you can’t do that, raise $1k to $2k and post questions on Upwork or Kaggle that a freelancer can answer for you.

This is clearly becoming an increasingly important part of our work. So why not get ahead of the curve.


  1. Kara O'Brien says:

    So true! Often people have more answers to their questions than they realize.

    Here are a few more tips on analyzing data:

    Free statistical analysis package, with tutorials to walk you through how to use it

    Segmentation software that is roughly $1,500/year with a free trial to test it out and see if it works for the type of data you have

    Think of it as playing in the data sandbox and building out your community stories.

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