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Another Concept Error

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I’m tempted to run a webinar just about conceptualizing a community.

Here’s a news release issued in The Drum:

“Travel Designers will shortly be launching their own branded review and online community.

The company aims to integrate the platform seamlessly within their website to provide an unspoilt visitor journey.

Customers will be encouraged to become part of the online community to exchange ideas and tips, and upload content such as photos, videos and text reviews of their travel experiences.”

What will this community offer which dozens of extremely popular travel communities do not already offer? What is the motivation for members to join and participate? 

Brands need to spend more time on conceptualizing their community. You can’t launch a new travel community to compete with TripAdvisor directly. You need a unique concept and a unique community identity.

Why not a community for long-time luxury travellers? Or a community for travellers solely to specific destinations? Or a community for travellers with certain travel beliefs (eco, no hotels etc…)?

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