Anointing Future Stars

June 17, 2014Comments Off on Anointing Future Stars

This Guardian article outlines how Radio 1 decide what music the show will play.

Given Radio 1's audience, they're essentially anointing the next music stars in the UK, possibly for the world. 

The process used to select future stars is interesting. 

It's part intuition and part data. They review their own thoughts on the work's quality, the current traction via plays/sales/fans/followers, and whether the artist can sell themselves if they do receive a push. 

At our first community, UKTerrorist, we regularly pushed a talented video game player. It was like wrestling, we picked someone interesting and began frequently writing about them. This built up to an interview and main event status. It generated a lot of activity, ensured we always had fresh material, and encouraged others to contribute more to the community.

We repeated this tactic with a non-profit, advocacy, community a year ago. We picked those doing interesting things, checked their twitter followers, and began pushing them within the community if we liked what we saw. 

You might not like it, but you too have the power to anoint future stars. You can find them by looking at those writing blogs, publishing books on Amazon, speaking at events, contributing interesting posts to the community etc…

If you're not comfortable in your own ability to do it, find others in the community that can. 

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