“How Do We Compete Against Social Media?”

First by realizing it’s not a competition, it’s an opportunity.

Embrace social media, don’t resist it. Build up a recommended follow list of top members, encourage members to connect on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps.

In fact, make your community a destination to find out who’s worth following.

You want your community to be as tightly connected as possible inside and outside of your platform.

The more connections your members have, the easier it is for important community information and concepts to spread, to research what topics are being talked about, and writing up news on the latest happenings inside the community.

Like many things, social media becomes a lot easier when it’s viewed as an opportunity instead of a threat.


  1. Brooke Harper says:

    You’re right about this, @richard_millington. Social media isn’t anyone’s foe, unless it’s used to harm anyone. They were made to “connect” and that’s how everyone should see it. If businesses, communities, and individuals use it to their advantage, they would see that all these social platforms can work efficiently for their goals - be it in a larger scale or the smaller ones.

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