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Absolutely Necessary

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Is your brand community indispensable?

Is it absolutely necessary to the work of at least one of your colleagues?

There is a simple test for this.

Are you going to your colleagues trying to persuade them of its value or are they coming to you seeking value?

For example…

Do you send product feedback to product engineers and hope they use it or do engineers come to you looking for feedback?

Do you send case studies to the PR team or do they come to you seeking case studies?

Do you send leads to the sales team or does the sales team come to you seeking leads?

Do you escalate relevant issues to customer support or does customer support come to your community to resolve most issues there first?

Do you highlight possible value to your boss or does your boss come to you asking how the community can save money?

If your colleagues aren’t coming to you, you’re not indispensable…sorry!

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