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Using Your Real Estate: A Quick Case Study

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Look at GovLoop’s online community

At the top are these blog posts:


They’re clearly not getting a good response.. 

Why have something which is not getting a good response taking up the most valuable area of your community?

Beneath these posts are the featured discussions (below)


If Featured Discussions are relatively popular and blog posts are relatively unpopular, wouldn’t it make sense to switch them? Put the discussions at the top and move blog posts lower down (or remove them entirely).

In fact, you could go through your entire community platform using data and responsiveness to put the things that the community use/like at the top. Forum posts, categories of content, member listings….

If you’re not featuring discussions in community platform (as we believe you should), whatever you do feature must more popular (more clicks, more activity) than anything else in the community. 

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