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A Self-Perpetuating Cycle We Need To Break

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Was the person that wrote your job description a community manager?

Had they managed the community for a long period of time? Have they had any genuine community experience at all? Do they know the full potential of a community?

If not, might it be possible that the job description doesn’t properly define what you are supposed to do?

Too many community managers follow job descriptions which position them as a community reactionist. They respond to questions, remove spam, maintain the platform. This is the visible work that outsiders (like those that might have written your job description) are familiar with. They treat the community as a problem that needs to be managed, rather than an asset to be developed.

It gets worse, these community managers later write very similar job descriptions for new hires/replacements.

I suggest you go beyond your job description. Your job is to increase the value of the community, not maintain it. It’s time to become progressive. Embrace all elements of community management, set targets for the community and a plan of action for getting there.

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