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A Quick Review

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

FeverBee added 4 more staff to the team and doubled our revenue (we’re still hiring).

We expanded the scope of how we help community professionals.

We created an exclusive membership site for community professionals interested in the science behind communities.

We took ownership of the first ever event dedicated to unlocking the incredible science behind successful communities. Tickets are still available for the 2014 London Virtual Community Summit on Feb 20 – 21.

We began hosting in-house corporate training for organizations and hosted our first ever-live training events at the London School of Economics.

We spoke at around a dozen events in the USA, Australia, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Belgium.

We trained 50 or so community professionals to develop successful communities from scratch for their organization through our Professional Community Management course and our affiliate course in Australia.

We published over 240 posts about communities on this site, hosted over 100 webinars, sent 50 detailed e-mails, and created plenty of other material.

We worked with some incredibly exciting clients on their community efforts (The World Bank, Glam Media, HealthStream, Oracle, UAA, EMC, Placemark, CGG, Meridian, Hanson Wade and many others).

We hosted a free summer series of webinars and accompanying resources which have been viewed/downloaded by just under 57,000 people.

All of the above, has been possible because you give us your attention.

The Mission

Our mission statement is quite public, we want community professionals to master the principles of social science. If you know your social science, the tools are irrelevant – you know how to build any number of successful communities for any organization.

This seems to be a message resonating with many of you.

Thank you for giving us your time and your help to make our mission a reality. All of you have blown us away this year.

Our FeverBee family, colleagues, friends, clients, customers, competitors, audience, and detractors all make this an incredibly exciting time to be working in this space. Thank you.

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