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A Member Is Just One Option

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

There’s no rationale behind calling them ‘members’. That’s just the default. 

Just by changing the name, you change the nature of participation.

This is known as priming, it’s a simple and powerful tool. 

Think of the different connotations in each of the following:

  • Partners
  • Collaborators
  • Experts
  • Participants
  • Attendees
  • Founders
  • Advocates
  • Contributors
  • Professionals
  • Insiders
  • Editors
  • Geniuses
  • Supporters
  • Elites
  • Helpers
  • Volunteers
  • VIPs
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Troopers
  • Seekers

If you want to change how people participate, change what you call them. 

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Subscribe for regular insights