A Few Organizations That Could Really Use Online Communities

October 12, 2009Comments Off on A Few Organizations That Could Really Use Online Communities

Just a few people and organizations who could use online communities in new and fascinating ways.

  • Journalists/Regional newspapers. There are great experts (and expectations) here. Any journalist or newspaper who isn’t painstakingly building up their community might struggle to survive the next few years.
  • Any TV show (esp. pilots). Any TV show that doesn’t leak their pilot and news on to the internet is crazy. I bet it’s much easier for execs to say yes to a new show (or keep an existing show) with a thriving online community.
  • Local bars and clubs. Local bars and clubs should be using elements of online dating, gossip pieces and much more to build loyalty.
  • Marketing, Design and interactive agencies. Connect your clients with each other, then include clients with those of your design, internet, PR and other partners you have. Soon you have a thriving B2B community. 
  • Airlines and hotels. What if you could connect with people today who would be on the same flight as you next week, or staying in the same hotel? There’s some networking opportunity here.
  • Recruitment agencies. Why weren’t Brazen Careerist, LinkedIn and other community career sites not founded by recruitment agencies. Why don’t recruitment agencies foster a thriving hub of talented individuals for their sector?
  • Book authors and publishers. What happens when an author has a 50,000 strong community? What happens when a publisher manages and curates the community? There are huge opportunities for first-movers here.
  • Estate Agents. Why don’t estate agents connect people living in the same area? It would be great to meet similar newcomers to the area. Share advice and tips. Build longer relationships.

Don’t hesitate to add your own in the comments.

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