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After the Texan

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Most of us feel part of something special today. But that wont last forever.

The big community boundary, hating George Bush, has flown back to Texas. The majority of outsiders are insiders. The major objective has been achieved. Links between members are already weakening.

Successful communities are at danger. They become diluted and less meaningful. A successful community has to evolve, mercilessly. Begin again at the micro level and create a community within the community.

If your community is too big, split it. Cater to more unique needs. If your former boundary was group-hate of George Bush, your new boundary might be groups suffering from bad health care and hating pharmaceutical companies. Or living in Detroit and unemployed. Set new objectives. Evolve the story. Begin a new chapter of your community’s history.

Make it possible for members to feel a part of something even more special.

The problem isn’t always creating a sense of community, it’s keeping it.

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