Month: November 2008

How Your Members Can Become Super-Awesome

November 2, 2008Comments Off on How Your Members Can Become Super-Awesome

You have at least 10 members who are more popular than everyone else. They
know it's true, even if they're modest.

So shine a spotlight on them. Ask them how they did it.

Each week, ask one of your more popular members how they became so popular.
They'll enjoy sharing their story and it's great advice for other members to follow. They might even participate more.

Take this further, have members write up 101 guides about joining the
community or how to make money from your community. Meta is good.

First Comment Syndrome

November 1, 2008Comments Off on First Comment Syndrome

The First Comment syndrome is a strange phenomena.

A group of your community strive to post the first comment to a blog or news
post. They see a post, write "First comment!"
and post. This is usually followed by two more "First comments!" within
20 seconds.

What do you do when a small group of people want to post the first comment,
and the rest find it irritating?

First, take it as a compliment. You're clearly doing a great job if people
are eager to post the first comment.

Second, pick the common offenders and let them lay down some ground rules.
The first comment must appear within 5 minutes or not at all. It must be a
minimum of 3 sentences about the news story, and you get a bonus point if people
reply to your comment…

That's a start.

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