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10 Things Organizations Should Be Comfortable With When They Start A Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

How many of these is your organization comfortable with?

  1. Staff talking like real people and not corporate drones (they might even say something they shouldn’t).
  2. Community members saying bad things about the company.
  3. Volunteers helping to moderate the community.
  4. Volunteers writing content for the community.
  5. Releasing exclusive information to the community first.
  6. Encouraging discussions which have no connection to the topic.
  7. Letting the community make meaningful decisions about your company.
  8. Putting community members in touch with people within the organization that can help them.
  9. You and your staff spending time participating in community interviews, live chats and in discussions on the forums. 
  10. Asking the community for honest feedback on your products/services/marketing/staff.

The answer should be all 10. 

This list could be infinitely longer, so feel free to add your own on the comments below.

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