10 Advantages Big Companies Have When Building Online Communities

October 20, 2008Comments Off on 10 Advantages Big Companies Have When Building Online Communities

Lets go big today. If you have a $40,000 budget and your competitor has a $4,000 budget. What advantages do you have when it comes to building an online community? To put simply, what will get you for your extra resources and money?

    1. Hire the Best. You can afford the people with the most experience. This means less time wasted on mistakes and a much greater chance of success.
    2. Faster Growth . You have more of the builder’s time, or more than one builder. This means more time for research, more personalised e-mails and more people joining the community at the early stages. This pay dividends for the rest of the project. You can also give builders a list of thousands of customers they can approach. This helps.
    3. Instant Eager Helpers. More builders/time mean more conversations. If you ever have any request, or product trials or work to delegate to the community, the builders should know the right people for the job.
    4. More Initiatives to Grow the Community. You should expect more initiatives a week designed at growing your community.
    5. Tighter Community. Your community should be closer to one another. You should expect some real-life meetings to have taken place between members. Perhaps sponsored by you.
    6. Big Characters. The community builders should be able to attract the most prominent people in your industry to join, and participate more.
    7. Sub Communities. Your community builder(s) should be able to foster sub-communities and groups with a specific focus and motivation. These sub communities might will be very focused, powerful and extremely more efficient at handling certain takes.
    8. More PR. A spot of PR probably wont go amiss with that size budget.
    9. Big To Huge. You can example that when the time comes, the resources you have should really be able to ramp the community into overdrive. Perhaps add a link on all outgoing e-mails? Or tell customer service teams to refer people to the community for extra help.
    10. Best Reputation. From having the man-hours to do everything right, your company should develop a reputation, like Dell, of ‘getting’ social media. Once you get it, you should be invited to industry events and interviewed by some top bloggers.

Do you have more? Add them.

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