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1 New Active Member Per Day

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The average branded community doesn’t have that many members that contribute.

Most have less than 1000 actively participating members.

Adding 30 participating members leads to a 10% increase in growth and activity.

Adding just 1 new active member per day will often lead to a 100% increase in growth participation in the community over the course of a year.

You don’t need to do big, crazy, things to get 1 new active member every day. Just doing small things a little better can achieve huge growth over the course of a year. 

If you’re a little quicker to respond to a member’s first contribution, a little better in the quality of response, a little more effective in soliciting a member’s engagement in community activities, the community will grow. 

If you do these things well, you will get 1 new active member per day. If you do these things really well, you will get 3 new active members per day. 

We’re once again accepting applications for CommunityGeek, our exclusive community for seasoned community professionals. 

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