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Your Processes For Developing Your Online Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I used to tell companies what they were doing wrong and what they should be doing to develop their community.

They would thank me, pay me, and we would go our separate ways.

You have spotted the problem there right? ‘Should be doing.’

It’s relatively easy to tell companies what they should be doing. Getting them to do it is far more difficult.

The hard part is going deep into the organization and figuring out a system for the organization and the community manager to make sure the community is a success.

This simple realization turned my consultancy from a five to six figure business.

We spend considerable time drilling processes into our students of the Pillar Summit’s Professional Community Management course because knowledge and skills alone simply aren’t enough, developing successful processes that work within your organization is the key to success.

For example, if you want members to be more engaged, you have to know both how to engage them. But, more importantly, you need to have a process for engaging them. Who will engage them? How will they engage them? When will they engage them?

What will the outcome be? How will this outcome be measured? Who will measure this outcome? When will they measure it? How and when do you react to these measurements? What decisions need to be made? Who is responsible for all of this?

How you work matters. What your average day is like matters a great deal to me. I care deeply about your routine processes, when you carry them out, how you carry them out and how we can optimize them. I care just as much about non-routine processes and how you include them in your schedule and how much time you spend on them.

For branded communities, it’s the process and the skill with which you execute them which will determine whether your community succeeds or fails. 

To learn how to develop a thriving online community for your organization, enroll in the Pillar Summit’s Professional Community Management course. Enrollment closes on October 29th.

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