Your Dream Community

November 18, 2009Comments Off on Your Dream Community

Most businesses trying to create communities are deluded.

They assume they matter far more to their customers than they do. They assume people want to hear about their latest news and products. Most fundamentally, they assume people want to talk about them, that’s horribly wrong.

If you made a list, right now, of a community you would love to join, it might look like this:

  • It will be a community about {your interest}
  • It will have a few hundred members, possibly a thousand. Not too few, not too many.
  • You will have fun, conversations wont be too serious not restricted
  • You will get to make new friends.
  • There will be events that you can attend.
  • You will learn interesting stuff.

Can you spot the problem? There is nothing in here about products, businesses, crafting messages for supporters to rally behind and being seduced by a business.

You’re looking through the wrong lens. The lens through which you see yourself is very different from the lens through which your customers see you.

Perform this task before creating a community. Brainstorm what a dream community would looks like for you. Make it about your personal hobby. Now create a community like that.

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