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When Do Members Participate?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

This varies depending upon the type of
community you develop.

  • Communities of action typically have activity
    throughout the day.
  • Communities of interest are typically busiest in
    the evening and at weekends.
  • Communities of practice are typically busiest
    during the working day (professionals tend to switch off completely in the
  • Communities of circumstance vary depending upon
    whether it’s those dealing with a health issues that restricts the participants
    ability to work.
  • Communities of location are usually busiest in
    the evening and weekend – especially the weekend.

You can use Google Analytics to track
when most people visit your community.

Ensure your community is working the same hours that members are using
the community. For some community professionals, this might mean odd hours that
free up their regular working days to enjoy life and work in the evenings and

Also ensure that most of the activities that take place in your
community match when most people visit the community.

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