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The War Against Weak Communities

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Communities are fleeting, non-committal and want instant gratification, according to Sonia.

It’s true, some are. But Sonia misses the point.

Communities that are built quickly using high-promotion, big launches and appeal to instant gratification tend to attract non-committal, fleeting members. These members have weak relationships with both you and your fellow members. People come, they gratify themselves, they leave. No interactions, no bonds, no sense of community.

Communities that are built slowly through personal invitations, referrals, welcomes and offer plenty of opportunities to participate last for years.

The pressure is always to build fast. Fight that pressure. Focus on deliberately slow, steady, growth and your community will last for years – maybe decades.

The longer you spend building your community, the longer it will last.

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