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Reviews And Valuable Behaviors

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The simplest behaviors are often the most effective.

Getting members to write reviews, for example, consistently ranks as one of the highest-impact tasks a member can undertake.

One study shows why:

Results show that users look for simple and quick reviews and content about products in online brand communities (i.e., guides developed by users, comments, artwork and screenshots). However, results also show that users do not guide their purchases based on user-generated content when the process of gaining understanding is more time-consuming (i.e., reading discussions, watching videos) or requires more active involvement (i.e., workshop presence).

Essentially, getting lots of members to submit simple, quick, reviews is a bigger win than getting members to engage in long, detailed, discussions.

It’s a bigger win than members crafting long-form articles like user guides.

The conversation with your boss might be very different if you can show how you’re getting members to create and respond to reviews on multiple sites.

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