Use Single Issues With The Right Appeal

July 2, 2013Comments Off on Use Single Issues With The Right Appeal

The University of Oxford recently launched a community
called Global Threads and Opportunities

Read this about page:

Opportunities and Threads: Oxford (GOTO) is an action-oriented problem-solving
community geared towards addressing some of the most complex issues that face
the world today.

Broad, utopian, appeals aren’t

Your members want to have a big impact (power) in a short
amount of time (reduced costs). You want members to build and maintain their
reputation (recognition).

If you’re launching a similar community, focus on a single
issue (quick win) to get started. Build momentum. Highlight the contributions
you want. Highlight the increased reputation of existing participants.

population is growing and there isn’t enough food to go round. We want original
expertise from future world leaders who will be responsible for solving this
problem. Do you want to prevent world hunger?

Notice the mix of appeals here:

1) It highlights a single issue.

2) It clarifies the type of contribution needed

3) It creates an offer to work with world leaders

4) It appeals to people whom believe they will be
future                     world leaders.

5) It lets the reader join because they want to help as opposed           to selfishly
wanting to be a world leader of tomorrow.


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