Unlimited Opportunities

…don’t just stop at lobbying for priority.

Lobby to have relevant discussions featured next to relevant products throughout the site. Get more links from the support center, the contact form, the post-checkout page and everywhere else.

There are countless places throughout your company’s site where the community can be featured and add more value. Why not spend some time going through them and seeing if you can make that happen?

It’s a simple way that has a long-lasting impact.


  1. Dean Samways says:

    Excellent advice and something that can be so easily overlooked, yet when the right signposts are put in place, a community can light up like a Christmas tree.

    This should be something that’s at the top of the agenda of any community audit.

  2. Nick Emmett says:

    I’m just revisiting this, having just started doing the CM role full-time, I’m re-evaluating all the touch points we have and potential ones. It reminds a little actually of an exercise you had us do at last years SPRINT workshop, cataloguing the potential places that the Community could be used, linked to from, provide support for something etc. Timely article, thanks.


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