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Using Trending Topics / Discussions Within An Online Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

If you wake up in the morning and 3 people have mentioned an issue that has arisen before, that’s a sign.

It’s a sign a lot more are about to ask the same question.

Make this a trending topic. Provide regular live updates on how you’re taking action. Make sure this appears at the top of your community.

This is one of the places where a community can really excel. You can use a single discussion thread to identify a new problem, collate the impacts of the issue from various people, let key product people know about the issue (with a link to the discussion), test and cultivate different solutions, then publish the solution to everyone who participated in the discussion.

Crucially, add any new updates by replying to the discussion (to update previous participants) and editing ‘updates’ to the original post too for newcomers to get the latest information without wading through the rest.

There are some places where a support community can really shine. This is one of them.

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