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What Not To Say Online

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You’re very visible. 

This means some members might want to know more about you.

They might search for you, look at your social media accounts, and dig up other information. 

Usually, that’s not a problem. Everyone has a personal life. 

However, if you’re critical of the community, if you’re “fed up of dealing with these idiots” (true quote), or post anything that could be easily misinterpreted you might have a problem.

You could argue it was a private comment, you’re entitled to your own opinions, and any embarrassing material is none of their business.

But your members won’t care. 

Be smart(er). Use your privacy settings. Don’t be critical of the community in written form (or not at all, if you can help it).

These comments, however private, can make your job untenable.

Or to simply, don’t post anything privately which would be embarrassing publicly.

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