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Target A Far Bigger Audience

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Try to get more people interested in your topic, otherwise you’re missing out.

If you’re a Parkour clothing designer, you might launch a community to reach people interested in Parkour. It’s a good idea. But why not use that community to increase interest in Parkour?

Ask every member to start a small, regional (local town, or even street), Facebook group on the topic for their friends to join. No pressure or intimidation there. As they develop, they join the bigger group.

Encourage your members to write their top ten newbie tips, basic guides and things they wish they had known when they started. Have a Parkour mentor of the month award, given to the member that trains a friend to a high standard. Have a newcomer of the month award too. Have a ask a pro button for newcomers to get advice from experts.

Invite every member to submit their best clips and create a commercial from it. They’ll show it to their friends.

This develops your community into a gateway for newcomers. It’s the perfect place to be.

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