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Summer Reading for Busy Community Pros

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I imagine you’ll have plenty of time to read this summer.

Here are some favourites from the past year. 

1) Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking. Look specifically at how she engaged fans, promotes their problems, and create a culture of constantly asking for and receiving help. My favourite book of the year. 

2) Michael Chwe – Rational Ritual. This is a tougher read, but an important concept to understand. We need to create common knowledge among members. This common knowledge helps members to take 

3) Rob Friendman – The Best Place To Work. A terrific and practical overview of self-determination theory and it’s application to a workplace. You don’t need to make much of a leap to apply this to building a community too. 

4) Matt Lieberman – Social: Why Our Brains are Wired to Connect. A mind-blowing book that covers the science behind social. If you ever want to talk intelligently about how the social parts of the human brain works, read this book. 

5) Olivia Fox-Cabane – The Charisma Myth. If you’re not as influential, popular, or success at managing communities or gaining internal buy-in as you think you should be, it’s probably not what you’re saying – it’s how you’re saying it. This book has some good tips for being better in person (and online).

Happy summer. 

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