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Stop Buzzfeeding Your Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We advise our clients not to begin Buzzfeeding their community.

Yes, you can create more content like Buzzfeed.

You can create more top 10 27 lists, more shocking headlines, more What Games of Thrones Character Are You? quizzes, and more photo round-ups of topical events.

This will attract a lot of people to visit. Some will participate.

But can you imagine these discussions leading to a real sense of community?

Can you imagine real value exchange taking place here?

Can you imagine people resolving their problems here?

I doubt it. The community becomes a place people visit for a brief, entertaining, respite from the daily grind of work.

It won’t be a place for where people go to give and find something meaningful.

People look at the content on your website for cues on how to participate and how to position this community in their mind. It’s easier to grow a community through Buzzfeeding. It’s harder to convert that growth into real value.

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