Representation And Veto Rights

August 3, 2017 Comments Off on Representation And Veto Rights

If you’re truly building the community with the community (or even for it), shouldn’t they be represented in all major decisions?

This means real representation (voting/veto rights), not just the ability to give feedback and be ignored if the feedback doesn’t sync with what you wanted.

What happens when your community charter forces you to get major decisions approved by the very audience you claim to be building the community for?

Major initiatives, new hires, platform changes, rules for removal, who gets content rights etc…what happens when community members get veto rights on all of these?

Once the community is in the maturity stage, ensuring the community approves major decisions tends to ensure the views of members are truly accommodated in all decisions.

This is a simple and powerful idea. Alas, history shows it’s often far harder to execute.

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