January 25, 2013Comments Off on Relevancy

Sayid asks how to get people to join his struggling community for people that like beach holidays.

That's a tough sell. 

First, it's a struggling community. Who wants to join a struggling community?

Second, 'people that like beach holidays' is a weak concept. This includes 70% of the planet. Mass inclusion isn't good for communities. 

Third, the level of interest is low. 'like' isn't the same as passion. We might spend a week planning a beach holiday and then take 2 weeks enjoying the holiday. How does the community survive for the rest of the year? 

But this overlooks the biggest problem with this question.

By the time you've launched a community, you should already know who, specifically, you're going to target, what you're going to tell them, and built relationships up with the first members of the community. 

You should NEVER struggle to get a community off the ground. 

This is why you don't skip the conceptualization/audience analysis stage. This tells you who to target, what to tell them, and whether the community is viable. 

Not much help for Sayid, perhaps, but maybe some help for a few of you. 

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