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Quick Wins As A Community Building Tactic

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Quick wins help establish momentum.

Quick wins show the audience that the community can make a difference.

A problem with most non-profit communities is they go for difficult, huge, victories instead of simple quick wins.

A quick win can be easy. Creating a community constitution can be a quick win. Let members say what they believe the community should stand for, what the community believes in and publish the summary document.

A quick win can be a live discussion with an expert speaker. Members ask questions. You record/transcribe the discussion and publish it.

A quick win can be helping one member achieve something. Perhaps get a job, get support, resolve a technical problem they have (using the collective efforts of the community).

A quick win might be taking a stand on an issue and getting a community statement in a newsletter/trade press.

Anything that your community can collectively achieve can be a quick win. If your community is just getting started, identify a few you can work on. If your community is stalling, you might need a few more quick wins.

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