Crafting The Personal Narrative For The Group

August 12, 2015Comments Off on Crafting The Personal Narrative For The Group

If you’re launching or managing any type of group, the group wants to know who you are.

We can split this into three fields; background, motivations, honourability.

You can aim to tick all three boxes.

  • Craft your unique narrative. Publish your background as a clear narrative. People want to know if you’re credible and to create this group. Write a paragraph or two that explains how you came to be in this position. This should link your experience into a story. Begin with a beginning. You were just like everyone else when you began this journey. Highlight the break from normality that set you down this path. What event occurred that gave you the experience/insight to build this group? This can take a paragraph you can also easily memorise and recite when asked.
  • Motivations. These originate from your background. What have you seen/done/experienced which makes you uniquely motivated to create this type of community? What is the vision for the group in 6 months or 6 years from now? How will you sector be different because this community exists? Link this back to your experience. Why does doing this matter so much to you?
  • Honourable. These originate from your actions. Do you follow through on your promises and your own advice? Are you optimistic/pessimistic? Are you attention-seeking? Do you treat people with respect (not the same as being polite)? Is there anything you have said or done in the past privately or publicly which would undermine your ability to lead the group if made public? Either remove these, set your personal accounts to private, or admit anything major you’re not proud of.

If you’re building a group, people are going to want to know who you are. They might search for information about you.

They want to trust and respect you. That trust comes from knowing your background, knowing what motivates you, and checking you follow through on your promises.

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