Nothing To Show For Lots Of Participation

April 7, 2015 Comments Off on Nothing To Show For Lots Of Participation

If you ask how a branded community increases loyalty, you might get a response like this. 

"Participation > ? > Loyalty"

Participation doesn't lead to loyalty. 

Loyalty (increased retention rates, premium buyers, increased frequency of purchase, greater advocacy) emerges from participating in value creation within that community. Value creation enforces a sense of shared destiny, responsibility, and reciprocity with the organisation. 

If you're simply trying to ramp up participation, that's fine – sometimes it's even necessary – but it won't create the ROI you want. 

Find the shared activities for the group. Create a sense of you and the customers working on resolving the same problems. You might:

  • Make the community the place with latest news on the topic (org and members share their news) 
  • Have a place for members to highlight their biggest challenges and tackle one each week.
  • Let members suggest topic-related initiatives that the brand helps the member to achieve. 
  • Create the right connections between members. Connect members that can help one another or are similar to one another. 
  • Create a wiki and gradually categorise and document every useful tip shared by members. 

..there's not really a shortage of ideas for creating value.

This is the best part. The more value you co-create with members, the greater their loyalty to the brand. It's not just the value of the co-creation, it's how many members you can involve in the co-creation activities

Aside, this is one of the best papers I've read on communities in a while.  

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