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Spend 10% – 20% Of Your Resources On Monitoring And Evaluation

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A good rule of thumb is to allocate 10% to 20% of your budget on measuring, evaluating, and communicating the impact of your community.

If your total budget (platform, staff, etc…) is $500k a year, allocating $50k a year to build a world-class system for analysing the community’s results and communicating the next steps isn’t just common sense…it’s a bargain!

That might break down to:

  • $10k – Software.
  • $30k – Consultancy to setup measurement, analysis, and reporting systems.
  • $10k – Misc budget. Designing reports, bringing stakeholders together in-person to report the results.

Spending 1 day a week on analysis and reporting might, in turn, break down to:

  • Maintaining the systems for collecting and updating community data.
  • Collecting data and updating community reports.
  • Developing recommendations based on the data collected.
  • Communicating the results to the steering group (both individually to key stakeholders and as a collective).
  • Update the strategy based upon the results.
  • Designing and publishing community stories.

I bet if you did just half of these, you would have far more support for your community and knowledge about your community than you do today.

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