Mastering Old Skills, Learning New Ones

Video editing is complex and overwhelming. Thanks to some great resources, I’m finally getting the hang of it.

Like any skill, you get to 80% of professional quality quickly. Beyond that, it gets harder. Each extra hour of practice yields diminishing returns.

This presents a choice. Do we want to spend our time getting incrementally better at managing members in a community or quickly equip ourselves with new skills?

My belief today is simple, stop trying to master old skills and learn new ones.

You can learn the key principles of building knowledge systems, audience profiling, advanced email marketing, staying legal, SEO, driving engagement with social ads and a lot more very quickly.

This is what we’re going to do at SPRINT London 2016.

We’re going to give you the most valuable skills from the disciplines that can most help us right now.

If you want more talks on moderation, how to create a community strategy, and creating advocates, this isn’t for you. We’ve covered these to death already. If you want to equip yourself with a range of vital skills from other disciplines, you and your team should attend.

Sign up before Jan 23 for advanced-rate tickets (£230).



  1. Steve Bridger says:

    I’m not sure these topics have been ‘covered to death’… at least not as much as email marketing, SEO, etc… but I’m looking forward to hooking up with friends old and new at SPRINT next month.

    Personally, while I understand the basics of SEO and email marketing from 20 years doing this stuff… those a specialist areas, and I’ve tended to leave that to people (whether client staff or business partners) but ensure I work closely with them. I also find those things more ‘transactional’ and less about real people and relationships (which is more ‘me’).

    Understanding your data to build community insight is certainly a marketable skill though.

  2. Nick Emmett says:

    Agreed and agreed!
    My take on this is one where I reckon I kind of agree - in that I’m probably at that tipping point now where I have a good handle on the 80% and am ready and looking to push in to the next 20% of advanced skills - however - there are always people looking to get the basics and how to get started, how to get better at the basics and I believe that the more information out there ther better - every day is a school day. I’m happy reading/listening to new approaches to some of the stuff in the 80% but am also eager to understand what I’m missing, how to get it, where to get it etc etc. This is where organisations like Feverbee and events like SPRINT totally come on - I have a wide range available to me. I still find myself going back to look at some of the older articles, I’m working through the OnDemand courses, but I’m really looking forward to hearing about some different, more advanced skills at SPRINT.

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