I Created That

July 18, 2014Comments Off on I Created That

It's hard to see most established communities vanishing overnight.

This is because communities (the authentic, genuine, communities) are such a big part of who we are.

We take great joy and validation from participating in the community. In many cases, it's our conduit for identification. We know more about ourselves through our community interaction.

To walk away from a community would mean leaving behind a huge part of our identity.

But that only happens if it is an authentic, real, community.

It only happens when the community was stitched together over many years. It only happens when the community begins with a handful of members who knew the founder. The community grows slowly and steadily. Newcomers are carefully socialized. Culture is refined and occasionally pruned to reflect the tastes of members. 

Communities shouldn't begin overnight and they shouldn't die overnight. They take a lot of time. They take years, not months, of careful dedication. 

Most of you know this. You're in this for the long-haul. You're not here for the quick win. You're here to create something that provides huge benefits to members for years.

You want to point to something, many years from now, and say "I created that!"

Slow, steady, progress. Not big splashes.

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