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How To Become A Star Member Of Any Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

What if you sent your community the following message:

Hi everyone, 

I’d like to share a few things that might help you be a star member of this, or any other, community. If this isn’t your goal, that’s fine. Keep participating as you are. We’re thrilled to have you. If you want to be one of the star people, then read on. 

First, participate frequently. You can’t be a star member of this community if you don’t participate regularly. You can be a newcomer or an old-timer, but you still need to participate regularly. 

Second, add value in your contributions. Always seek to add a unique point of view, wrote your comments in a unique way, add information others don’t have, or make your contributions extra-special in some way. More than any of the other tips, this is the most important. Perhaps do more research and answer questions more conclusively than other people. The more you go above and beyond, the more of a star you will be in this community. 

Third, follow the principles of Dale Carnegie. Be interested in people, avoid criticising/complaining, give honest appreciation, ask more questions than you answer, make other people feel important, talks in terms of other people’s interests, use people’s names (or handles), and try to be an optimist more than a pessimist. 

Fourth, don’t get sucked into lengthy debates. It’s great to debate. We encourage debates and opposing points of view. Be aware, however, that the people you’re debating with won’t agree with you. Nothing you say will convince them that you’re right. In fact, research shows that people simply become more entrenched in their own views. 

This is important. It means you should state your position, ask a few questions and issue a few clarifying statements, but don’t ‘bite the hook’. Don’t get sucked in. You can only disagree with so many people, so many times, before you become disagreeable. You will often have to make a decision between ‘right’ or being liked. Choose with great care. 

Finally, make things happen in the community. This is similar to our second point. If you post your interviews with VIP in the sectors, organize events, publish ebooks/training guides, volunteer to help out – it increases your profile considerably. Identify what we, the community need, and then make it happen.  

If every member of your community followed this, you would be flying. If you followed it too, well…that would be quite something. 

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