How does Age, Gender, Occupation Impact Community Building?

August 1, 2013Comments Off on How does Age, Gender, Occupation Impact Community Building?

A few observations here.

Age has a significant impact in platform selection, tone of voice, and
types of discussions initiated. Older audiences are more reluctant to use new
technology, expect a softer tone of voice, and have less tolerance for ongoing
fights/attention-seeking behaviour (with exceptions for some professions).

The seriousness of the
occupation has an impact. Doctors, lawyers, investors and psychologists, etc. need
to believe they’re coming solely for information. They typically need to ask a
few information-seeking questions before the ego-effect and status-maintenance
process begins.  This isn’t directly
correlated to pay (e.g. teachers), but it’s not far away. 

Gender has a small
. Men tend to respond better to status-orientated appeals and are more
eager to impress. Women respond better to social-bonding related discussions. 

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