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December 2, 2008Comments Off on Get More Involved

Every single community needs a clear sign for people that want to be more involved. You can call it just that, “Be More Involved”. Or you can call it the “Ambassador program” or something cooler, perhaps “Special Squad”.

You click on this from the homepage, and it takes you to a page where you can sign up.

It’s for people that want to be more than just passive members. People that to contribute more to the community.

Every company should have one of these too. It gives people looking for a job a way to impress you (and it’s more fun than sending a CVs).

Set some work or small tasks they can do that help your community. If they succeed, give them a few more challenging tasks. Then take them on as special volunteers and find ways to reward their time.

Above all, treat these people seriously. Check in on them often. Make the work meaningful. Celebrate their successes. Try to have your boss stop by and say ‘hello’ too.

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