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FeverBee is hiring a Community Advocate

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

In our quest to help people build better
communities, we’re once again expanding our team.

This time we’re looking for
an advocate of best practices, someone that strongly believes in the power of
communities and wants to bring proven practice to a range of different sectors.
Think business development more than consultancy/sales.

We’re looking for someone that can build
positive relationships with a range of groups/organizations, help promote and
advocate the use of social sciences in communities, and take on and deliver
projects to completion.

Specifically, we’re looking for someone
that can:

Expand community development best
practice into different regions and sectors.

Build mutually beneficial relationships
with a variety of different organizations, groups, and influencers.

Create, publish and promote content
that spreads best practice.

Organize events that champion
community development and connect thousands of people around the cause.

Last time we advertised a role, we received
over 200 applications. We’re hoping to narrow that down a little this time. 

You should be the following:

A natural communicator. You are
perfectly happy introducing yourself to groups, building connections with a
variety of people, selling your ideas (and our consultancy/training). Don’t
apply if you’re not, we’ll weed you out.

An expert in communities. You
should have read most of the material on this blog, bought the book, and agree
with our principles. Experience building and managing your own communities is a
major plus.  

A terrific writer. You need to
have a clear, concise, writing style.

Experienced in advocacy. You
should understand how to create excitement and interest around different
topics. You know how to promote something valuable without being sleazy.    

100% reliable. You say what
you’re going to do and do it. Missed deadlines are a cause of panic (and
short-lived employment).

Driven like a maniac. You have
a burning, unquenchable, desire to make change in the world. You want to show
off your intrapreneurial spirit.

Please no Klout-obsessed social media
junkies. If your idea of this role is participating
in the conversation
all day long on Twitter, don’t apply.

If your vision is to be making dozens of
calls every day, approaching groups/organizations, building mutually beneficial
connections to people that matter, producing and packaging materials, achieving
real results, and working with an intensity that comes from a true belief in
the power of communities to change lives – we want you. This is a role for a
do’er more than a thinker.


of FeverBee

  • You get full training in
    communities and community development – along with our own certification.
  • You get freedom to develop your
    own projects and deliver on them.
  • You get to work from home and
    set your own hours. If you want to hit the gym in the afternoon, go ahead. 
  • Your work matters. You get to
    see organizations connecting thousands of otherwise disconnected people into
    strong, beneficial, groups.  

To apply, give me a call and persuade me
that you’re perfect for the role.

There is no deadline, we’ll stop looking
when we find someone we like.

Richard Millington

[email protected]

+44 20 7792 2469

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